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Marine Invertebrates

Coordinator: Prof. Ana Costa (Assistant Professor)

Chromodoris britoi
Albunea carabus
Eriphia verrucosa
Fossarus ambiguus
Liocarcinus marmoreus

Containing the coastal Marine Invertebrates species and subspecies hitherto recorded from Azores with 149 species illustrated, totalling 225 photos (Updated 3rd March 2010).

Marine invertebrates present most of the known species and higher taxonomic levels (phyla, classes, etc) and can be found in great numbers on the characteristic rocky shores and shallow water habitats of the Azores. In terms of diversity, abundance and size, the crustacea, molluscs and polychaetes are the most important groups. In the Azores, these organisms constitute an interesting coastal marine fauna as in spite its reduced endemicity displaying affinities with the Mediterranean fauna but incorporating temperate and subtropical elements. The knowledge of the coastal marine invertebrates in the Azores is mainly focused on more common, conspicuous or commercially important species. Therefore there are many knowledge gaps, also visible on the known distribution of the species in the archipelago which reflects spatial incidence of the inventory and research works. The database herein presented is still under construction due to the great amount of scattered unprocessed information, and it is still far from being the most complete source of information on marine coastal invertebrates, a goal to be attained in a near future.

PHOTOS: Soon we will add dozens of images kindly provided by Peter Wirtz (Copyright © Peter Wirtz). You can still view more images of this author at:

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