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Lichens & Fungi

Bryophytes (mosses, liverworts, hornworts)

Vascular Plants (ferns, seed plants)

Marine Invertebrates

Terrestrial Molluscs

Arthropods (centipedes, millipedes, spiders, insects)

Vertebrates (fish, amphibia, reptiles, birds, mammals)

Vertebrates (Terrestrial and Marine)

Coordinator: Prof. Regina Cunha & Prof. Ricardo Serrão Santos (Auxiliary Professor & Principal Researcher)

Bulweria bulwerii
Cyema atrum
Lacerta dugesii
Botaurus lentiginosus
Derichthys serpentinus

Containing the 71 terrestrial and 582 marine breeding Vertebrate species and subspecies hitherto recorded from Azores (Updated 19th January 2012).

Now is also available an exhaustive listing of non breeding species and a smaller list of potentially breeding species. The list of non-breeding species follows Rodebrand (2010) and Rodebrand & The Birding Azores team (2010). The potentially breeding species are species reported as introduced and/or escapes from captivity and for which suitable conditions for nesting exist in the Azores, but whose numbers are insufficient to allow the maintenance of self-sustaining populations in the archipelago.

Rodebrand, S. (2010) Checklist of the birds of the Azores including 2009. (access date 2010-04-14).

Rodebrand, S. & The Birding Azores team (2010) Recent sightings. (access date 2010-04-14).

The vertebrates, although not the most numerous group of animal, either in number of individuals or number of taxa, is very diverse ranging from lampreys to man. With such a variety of organisms it is easy to understand the wide geographical distribution that they show, occupying all the major world habitats types.

With 1467 photos belonging to 736 terrestrial and marine species and subspecies (Updated on the 22nd January 2012).

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Macaronesia endemic
Azorean endemic
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