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Lichens & Fungi

Bryophytes (mosses, liverworts, hornworts)

Vascular Plants (ferns, seed plants)

Marine Invertebrates

Terrestrial Molluscs

Arthropods (centipedes, millipedes, spiders, insects)

Vertebrates (fish, amphibia, reptiles, birds, mammals)


How many endemic species occur in the Azores?

A total of 420 terrestrial taxa (species and subspecies)are endemic, i.e., are only known from the Azores.

How to obtain maps with the spatial distribution of species richness?

This function is not available in this page. However you may use the Software ATLANTIS to get this kind of information (please consult the coordinators).

How to access the original data on this database?

You should contact the coordinator (E-Mail: and ask for a query in the ATLANTIS Server.

Is Hydrangea a native plant from the Azores?

No, this species was introduced by Man and become well adapted to the archipelago.

How many species of vascular plants occur in the Azores?

Currently a total of 947 species and subspecies are known.

What is the meaning of "Azorean endemic"?

Are those species that occur only in the archipelagos of Azores as a result of either speciation events (neo-endemics) or extinction of the mainland populations (palaeo-endemics).

How many termite species occur in the Azores?

Currently three species are known from the Azores: Kalotermes flavicollis, Cryptotermes brevis (drywood termite), Reticulitermes grassei (subterranean termite).

How can I help?

If you have pictures of species or more importantly, new records for species in a particular locality please send this information to the coordinator.